The only question I can't answer:
“Where are you from?”

👶 I was born in Chicago to a Spanish mother and a Pakistani father. My mixed background has really given me the gift of overwhelming empathy and the ability to connect with almost anyone.

🤔 I am an extroverted introvert who loves mentoring people to reach new heights, being an impromptu therapist, or just helping strangers in their time of need. My sixth sense allows me to sense what people are thinking and what they are not communicating. I can easily perceive what others need without them having to verbally communicate it.

💃 I was raised partly in Texas where I developed a deep love of Mexican and South American culture and food. When I was not in Texas, I was in Mallorca, learning about my Murciana roots.

🏠 I don’t know where I would actually call “home”. In my mind, home is a little town called Andratx in Mallorca, because my fondest childhood memories were there. I guess it depends on how you define “home”. If it weren’t a set location, I would have to say that my little family is my home.

☀️ After finishing a 3 month stint of traveling throughout Asia pre-pandemic in 2019, I have decided to settle down in sunny and warm Spain.

🥨 Previously, I had been living the German life in beautiful Berlin for the past eight years. In that time I worked in E-Commerce, UX / UI Design, and Learning Experience Design.

🧠 Sometimes the Germans can be tough, I am a warm-blooded, sometimes loud, and happy-go-lucky-latin-person. I have noticed that my behavior immediately changes when I speak German, which really interests me. I studied Psychology/Pre-Medicine for undergrad and am a total nerd for any type of science (except physics).

🗣️ Last but not least, I speak 3 languages: English (native), Spanish (native), and German (fluent).