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Cornelsen was stuck in the past, focusing on analog learning material. Our goal was to modernize our existing pedagogic knowledge and use it to create a “first-time” reading app which closed the…


Especially after a worldwide pandemic, it has become extremely difficult for kindergartens across Germany to be able to easily gain an overview in order to successfully administrate their organization. 

Even kindergartens which are organized are working inefficiently with outdated processes and basing important information on paper which can get lost or fails to allow for transparent communication within teams. 

This app aimed to solve those problems in addition to allowing for streamlined and secure communication between kindergartens and parents.


It is very hard for teachers to plan their lessons, they don’t have time for complicated, hard to learn apps. Many teachers are anti-digitizing for this reason, they just want a simple place to store their curriculum and normally resort to analog solutions. They want to have everything in one place. No app out there has this capability. 

Our target group was also not technologically advanced so my job was to create flows which were as simple as possible, or could be quickly learned without adding too much cognitive load to the already strenuous days that teachers normally deal with.