Planning, curriculum, and content. All in one simple app.

It is very hard for teachers to plan their lessons, they don’t have time for complicated, hard to learn apps. Many teachers are anti-digitizing for this reason, they just want a simple place to store their curriculum and normally resort to analog solutions. They want to have everything in one place. No app out there has this capability. 

Our target group was also not technologically advanced so my job was to create flows which were as simple as possible, or could be quickly learned without adding too much cognitive load to the already strenuous days that teachers normally deal with.

Client: Teachino GmbH
Website: teachino.io
Date: June 2022 - March 2023
Services: UX / UI Design, Branding, Design System, Testing


I created a responsive app (mobile, tablet, desktop, and large screens) from scratch which launched within 3 months’ time. The MVP contains the following features:

–  A calendar function where users can add their planned items.

– A content area where users can add their curriculum.

– An overview area where users can briefly see what is occurring today.

– An onboarding which allows users to understand the basic functions of the app.

– A student access where teachers can show their lesson plan.

– A collaboration feature where teachers can work on a lesson plan together.

I also developed a design system and branding.


– Creating a product for users who are technologically limited

– Designing remote workshops to uncover necessary knowledge to reach my goals

– Developing a design system which is professional, flexible, yet also modern and somewhat playful

– Allowing teachers to be a part of the process and co-creating directly using their feedback

– Guerrilla user research, “hallway testing”, finding ways to test a concept quickly and making improvements in an agile fashion

– Conceptualizing high level‭, ‬intricate features but hiding as much complexity from users as possible

– Understanding the inner workings of the German-speaking school system

– Considering a moral obligation of how to protect sensitive data

– Working remotely with colleagues of many diverse backgrounds

Working independently directly with C-Level stakeholders


The app launched in less than 3 months’ time and was valued by teachers as a software they could use easily to streamline their work.

Thanks for reading!