Product Design.
8 years strong.

I design products from scratch.
My superpowers are communication, positivity, and tenacity.

I learn quick, adapt even quicker, and work passionately..

My skillz 🤓

🚀 Strategy

I understand how businesses are built and what I can do to help them thrive.  I build products which are functional, appealing to users, and profitable.

🔬 Research

I am a firm believer in research and user-centered design. My product lifecycle begins with submerging myself in the product, it‘s potential users, and the market.

🤔 Testing

I know what questions to ask, when I need to shut up and observe, and how to sense what a user is feeling when they use my product.

💬 Communication

In addition to English, Spanish, and German, I am also fluent in empathy and teamwork. This helps me communicate with people across a wide spectrum of different backgrounds.

🫶 Collaboration

I can sense if a team needs a leader who will guide the workflow, or a liaison who will communicate goals optimally, or someone who will motivate from the trenches.

💡 Conceptualization

I am always able to visualize complex information in a meaningful way in order to build deliverables which humanize conceptualization and development.

🎨 Creativity

I am well-versed in the art of creating aesthetics, design systems and making something visually captivating.

🥠 Analytics

I can evaluate a user’s experience from raw data and create a kickass plan to move forward, improving the interface, flows, and increasing activity seamlessly.

Say "hi", "hallo", or "hola" 👋🏽